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Unlocking the Power of Mobile

Mobile Devices...Insight Delivering Portals

Smartphones and tablets have become powerful means for connecting with your target audience while they are in-the-moment. They allow your consumer to share their experiences, thoughts and emotions while they are still fresh and salient. This allows for a better opportunity for uncovering the "why's". Here are a couple of quotes I found particularly interesting:

"In 2015, tablets will outsell PCs and laptops worldwide." - Gartner Research, July 2014

"For the first time ever, Americans spent more of their time online last month using mobile apps than PC's." - CNN Money, June 2014

"91% of U.S. adults now own a mobile phone. 61% of those are smartphones." - Heidi Cohen

"25% of smartphone owners ages 18-44 say they can't recall the last time their smartphone was not next to them." - Fast Company

It is easy to see why leveraging mobile phones as a part of your research design to learn about one's target audience could be a valid and key way for uncovering insights.


What if you were able to catch some of your shoppers naturally, in the act of shopping for your product?

Think of the richer insights you could capture in-the-moment.

One of your key consumers walks into a retail outlet to purchase your product or use your service. Their cell phone buzzes with a notification that there is a potential survey based on their location. They respond to the notification and quickly answer a few screening questions. Immediately they are confirmed as your target respondent. While in the store, they answer questions about certain products or their shopping experience. While conducting the survey, they are then asked if they would like to participate in a 5-10 minute interview about their shopping experience. Next, their phone rings and the moderator on the line asks them questions about their experience. After an insightful conversation, your target consumer takes a picture of the store shelf, the product she purchased and her receipt to send for the study.

This experience we have just imagined is a real possibility due to the advances in technology that have allowed mobile qualitative research to become a viable tool / methodology for interacting with one's target audience in-the-moment.

Cutting Edge Technology and An All Mobile Panel

We work with a research partner that is on the cutting edge of mobile research in terms of app design, data collection and panel development.

Geo-validation via GPS and Geo-fencing allow us to reach out to your target audience when they are in the locations where you want to conduct research. The beauty of mobile research is the respondent's location can be confirmed via audio, photo and video capture and even pictures of a receipt.

Respondents access surveys via an app on their mobile phone. Surveys are cached on the mobile phone to enable a smooth survey taking experience and allow respondents to complete without access to the internet.

Our partner also has the largest all-mobile panel in the United States to source your target audience. Due to the demographics of mobile phone usage, the all mobile panel makes it easier to find some target audiences that can be traditionally hard to reach:

  • Millenials
  • Minorities
  • Mobile-only users
  • On-the-go shoppers

Types of Research Studies

Some of the types of studies we can conduct include:

  • Surveys
  • Virtual Intercepts
  • Product Usage / IHUT
  • Diary or Longitudinal Studies.

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