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Case Studies

In-Context Interviewing

Key Business Questions:

Understand consumers' motivations, habits, practices, attitudes and behaviors in regards to making greener choices.

Identify gaps between the consumers' desired experience and the current retail shopping experience in regards to making greener choices.

Our Approach:

To accomplish the research objectives, 32 in-home & in-store interviews were conducted in Atlanta and Denver.

A metaphor elicitation exercise was given to the respondents where they had to collect 3-5 items that captured their thoughts and feelings about using green products.

Interviews began at the respondents' homes to understand their attitudes about sustainability, the natural products they use in their home and their habits and practices. The interview then shifted to the respondents' focus retailer where the respondents' behaviors, motivations and attitudes in regards to purchasing greener products were explored.

Business Building Outcomes:

Our client developed a fuller, richer picture of their consumers' lifestyle, purchasing and shopping habits in regards to green products.

This deeper understanding allowed our client to better position their "green" cleaning products in their marketing communications as well as provided guidance about where to shelve their products.

Lastly, they were able to direct their retail customers' in-store communications for green products and the ideal placement of these products to increase sales.

Focus Groups

Key Business Question:

Can we develop a new video game title that will leverage the successful game elements of a previously successful franchise?

Our approach:

We designed and conducted 8 focus group among video gaming consumers in the US and UK.

During these groups, we presented various elements of this potential new game to consumers including character descriptions and depictions, visuals of settings and positioning statements.

Business Building Outcomes:

We were able to confirm for our client the appeal of this new game among their key target audience. This new title was successfully launched in 2007 and has since sold over 40 million copies.

Bulletin Board Focus Group

Key Business Question

Can we identify a product demonstration that will quickly and effectively communicate the advantages of our product vs. our key competitor?

Our Approach:

A leading CPG company desired to test 15 side-by-side demonstrations that identify the best way to communicate the benefit of their toilet tissue product. We recommend using iMarkIt within an online bulletin board focus group in order to give the client some geographic diversity and to leverage a tool that would allow respondents a chance to provide feedback directly on the stimuli. Respondents participated in a 90 minute bulletin board focus group where they used iMarkIt to provide feedback on 3 different demonstrations. Each demonstration was viewed by 9 different respondents.

Business Building Outcome:

This unique approach allowed us to recommend which demonstrations would best deliver their desired communications.

We also uncovered improvement opportunities within the design of their demonstrations that would enhance the effectiveness of their demonstrations.

Phone IDIs

Key Business Question

Is there interest among legal professionals for an information product that would keep them abreast of the latest legal information regarding social media?

Our Approach:

We designed and conducted a series of phone in-depth interviews among lawyers in corporate and private practices to understand their needs in regards to legal information about social media.

Business Building Outcome:

Based on the understanding we provided of the target audience, the company decided to launch a new product designed to provide legal professionals with the latest information and legal decisions regarding social media.

Quantitative Study

Key Business Question:

How can we better leverage our strengths and differentiate ourselves from our key competitors?

Our Approach:

We designed a quantitative online survey to collect data from people who had recently purchased floor covering from our client and their key competition.

Business Building Outcome:

Through the data we collected we increased our client's understanding of the needs and expectations of the people who choose them for flooring versus their competitors and vice versa. This allowed them to focus their marketing communications on their strengths and further differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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